"1... 2... 4!"

For those of you that get the reference, I apologize; to the rest of you, I also apologize. This entry exists for two reasons, the first is to put "1... 2... 4!" somewhere else on the internet (it has already shown up in the webcomics Underverse and Ketchup Popsicle) and the second is to give you all a good example of how broken my sense of humor really is.

So here it goes: "1... 2... 4!" is my favorite joke. There is no more to the joke; what is in quotation, is all that there is. If you don't get the it, your only real option is to think about it until you figure out what makes it so funny or just give it up as not funny. There is no additional context and it is only an inside joke insofar as a few of my friends also find it humorous. Chances are pretty good that you don't get it, won't get and will just end up irritated with me. It's just kind of surrealistic that way.

And yes, I am serious, this is my favorite joke.