Funny Little Coincidence

It's 8a now; I woke up at 4a, watched Back to The Future with some of my peeps and I'm about to go back to sleep. There, that's the setting for you.

Before going back to sleep, I decided to glance at the various blogs of my various friends (ha ha, too much use of the word various). In looking at Amrys' blog. Specifically noting the new (as of now) entry, "The quotable Rodin." I followed the various links and the "'70s baby" link led to a list of the top 100 baby names of the 1970s. That's the precursory set up for you.

I'm a fan of names; they're very interesting. In fact I've recently had a bit of a fascination with names (both given and of the nickname variety), signatures and other things that manage to encapsulate the essence of a person (but that's just me waxing philosophical). Anyway, I'm looking through the list of names and I'm not terribly amused so I go back to the page above it, which has listings of the top ten names of various time periods. At this point, my curiosity is starting to wane and I decide to find out what the 72nd boy's name of 1990 is and it turns out to be Devin (Shannon for girls), which is not too thrilling. It strikes my fancy that I ought to find my name (George) on one of these lists and see where it stands; my name isn't on the 1990 list, so I start moving backwards in time (kind of like the movie I just watched, wee!). My name does show up, however, on the 1980s list (mind you, I was born in the 80s). The interesting bit is not that George shows up in the '80s list, but rather that it shows up in position 72 on the list (Stacy for girls). Fancy that little coincidence, position 72 right after I wanted to see who was 72 in the '90s.

As a side note, 72 is 2 to the 3 times 3 to the 2. I like 3.