I want my Lemonade


I'm at some zoo with a bunch of people from my high school. Now, mind you, these are not my friends from high school or anything, just a bunch of the other people. So we do the whole zoo thing and on the way out I realize that I'm really thirsty so I make a bee line for the little refreshments stand at the entrance to the zoo. I notice a few people stopping at water fountains as I pass them. In my hurry I manage to make it to the entrance before everyone else. Noticing that they have a mini Dunkin' Donuts I order me a nice fruit flavored Coolata and wait while it's prepared. It turns out that the machine is broken and at this point the lead I got on everyone is lost and they're all back at the bus waiting for me. Aggravated as I am, I'm still thirsty so I order a large lemonade, which is $2.32. I pay for the lemonade with two ones, a quarter, a nickel and two pennies. Now the damned lady won't serve me my lemonade, she just makes me wait and wait and wait. Everyone is probably getting pissed because I'm making them wait and for the love of God, why won't she just serve me my lemonade. Then I woke up.


So I got up, took a shower and then realized that I really did want a fucking Coolata. The problem of course was that I didn't really want to bother walking to Dunkin' Donuts up in Central Square so I decided to just go to soda fridge and get me a Minute Maid Fruit Soda. Then, soda fridge was out of Fruit Sodas. At this point, I was more than just a little aggravated, I was really fucking pissed off. Finally, I went to munchies and bought some citrus flavored Sobe drink, which managed to serve as a mediocre alternative.

So that's my morning thus far, and quite frankly, I am really aggravated right now.