Methinks it's time for some updates

So, I'm sitting here working at Random Hall's front desk (which is, incidentally, a really boring job) and it occurs to me that I should get some of my web presence up to date. I update my personal web page pretty frequently but they're mostly updates of the incremental variety (e.g. fix this spelling/grammar error, update that little piece of information, etc.) and I think that it's probably about time to do a bit of a revamping of sorts. I'll probably keep the same layout that I've already got because I'm rather fond of it, but I'll toss some content, add new bits, and so forth, but there's one little bit of this whole thing that I'm pretty torn about and it relates to this here blog. Namely, I don't know if I want to link to my blog from my main page or not.

Whether or not to link to my blog from my personal page is a complicated issue. On the one hand, there are people that look at my web page and know about my webpage that I would like to know about my blog and yet, on the other hand, there are people that know of my web page that I don't know if I'd want to read my blog. The most notable cases being my parents and possible employers. This issue is compounded by the fact that I've just started out on this whole blog thing and I haven't really established a good enough rapport to know what the rating level is going to be. Chances are I won't want to feel obliged to keep this thing PG and I expect that I'll probably shoot for about PG-13 or so.

I think that the best way to go about this is to just not worry about it at all. I'll just link my web page up to this and deal with this blog as I feel like. Worst case scenario, I spoil someone's innocent impressions of me or something, but that kind of thing is bound to happen eventually with most people.