Mystery Hunt :: Art Gallery

Right now there's this Mystery Hunt thing going on in my dorm and other MIT related places. Basically, it's this huge puzzle contest of sorts. This year, once again, I have decided not to take a hugely active role in the matter and have just taken a consulting sort of approach to the whole thing. As it stands, I have consulted on two problems both of which have been solved whilst I was helping. The first one was something involving some organic molecules and whatnot; other people did the grunt work and I helped with some of the end bits and getting the solution. The second one was this really neat symmetry/crystallography one which I got involved with when someone said, "Hey George, we have a problem that we think is crystallography, help us." Now, on this puzzle, I was there pretty much from start to finish (minus sleep and some other things) and I played a pretty pivotal role in solving all parts of it. After all, I do know my crystallography. Incidentally, we were the first team to solve the symmetry/crystallography puzzle and the organizers expect that we may be the only team that will solve it.



anna folinsky was telling me about this one. apparently the mystery hunt writers wrote it incorrectly, although it was still solvable. ha!