I stole figures from Hippo

dancing hippo It occurred to me, while looking at Hippo's blog that I would do well to add the ability to have pictures accompany my blog entries. It's not that I have any good pictures to add right now, but at some point I might. Now, I could have thought about it a bunch and come up with a good bit of CSS on my own, but I'm lazy so I just stole and modified some of Hippo's blog's CSS. Some people might say that I'm a bad person, but at least I'm giving credit where credit is due. Of course, on the other hand, I'm not giving any credit for the hippo image that I found somewhere else on the Internet and have since forgotten the origin of; I'm pretty sure that I Google-imaged for 'hippo'. Well, I guess I actually am a bad person then; oh well.

Now watch the dancing hippo as he hypnotically makes lewd gestures for your amusement.

UPDATE 2005-09-21: I have long since stopped using this method for figures and instead now use class="alignright" and some CSS taken from the default (Kubrick) theme for Wordpress 1.5.