My Valentine's Day

Today was Valentine's day (still is, but that's not important to the story). Today started with me waking up at 6:00a from a really lucid dream. It was an odd experience; I woke up and was all like, wait, when did I go to sleep, wasn't I just awake. It was all early like because today was a day of plans.

Then I drove into Cambridge for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I needed my Nalgene bottles (the reason will likely be apparent in the next paragraph). And secondly, I had a cinder block to deliver. Many months ago (some time last summer) I resolved to give a girl a cinder block every Valentine's Day henceforth. Today was the first giving of a cinder block, but, trust me, I'm going to keep it up until I actually realize how stupid it is (not very likely).

Anyway, then I set out for Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire to do some hiking (me likey hikey). Oh, and this is why I needed them Nalgene things and the water. So, I'm nearly to Mount Monadnock and then the car gets a flat tire. No biggee, I know how to deal with a flat tire, but sometimes, the wheel gets stuck and you kick it and three different people stop and offer help but fail. Eventually, you call AA, wait no, that's for drunks; you call AAA and some guy shows up and helps you get the flat off and the spare on.

So I got to the mountain thing, climbed it and had a generally great time. At the top I sat around for a while and hung out. I had a beer and a nice conversation about winter hiking and camping and the like with a couple of guys that came up a different trail. They suggested some shelters in Pinkham Notch; I suspect that they mean the Hermit Lake Shelters, which match their description from what I find on Google and in my AMC book. I think that the Hermit Lake Shelters would probably do quite well for the camping trip that we're planning for March.

It was ~1h30 up Monadnock and ~1h00 down, very windy at the top, really nice visibility. So after the mountain thing I came back, got the flat replaced and then did the whole sit around thing and have been yammering stupid banter back and forth with Will.

That's my Valentine's day in summary; not very romantic, but pretty amusing.