People are like this

Sinfest 03/12/04 Sorry, the comic had to be shrunk or it simply would not fit. Since it is pretty much unreadable, I recommend clicking on it, reading the comic and then reading this post. The post makes less sense without the context of the comic

It's actually kind of sad how many people there are that take a position like the one that Percy is taking in this particular Sinfest comic. People are almost invariably unable to admit their own weaknesses and faults, especially to those that are best able to help them (such as their good friends). I will admit that I have suffered from this fault just as much as many other people do, and some people will note where it has gotten me.

I do think that I am getting better about it and I certainly hope that there is some way that I can convince the the people I like that they should do the same. I think that everyone can take a good lesson from AA, even if you don't drink: the first step is to admit you have a problem. Even if your problem is that you're stuck in a tree like poor Percy is. If you can't admit to yourself that there is a problem, then you can't solve it and if you can't admit it to someone else, then you can't get help.

Maybe I'm going too far, but I think that there are a lot of people in the world that won't ask their friends for help, even when they need it. It's a sad world in which friends don't ask friends for help. To that end, a good friend should pry deep into the psyches of those that he or she cares about and make sure that there isn't a little cat stuck in a tree somewhere.


I came upon this entry while scouring for technical issues in need of repair and was struck by how nicely this entry can be viewed as projecting. If there's one thing I do a whole lot, it's refuse to admit that I have a problem even when I do. Man oh man, I am such a hypocrite sometimes.