The Magnificent Seven: pretty good

I've been on a real movie watching binge this evening. I started with Transformers: The Movie, moved on to Roujin Z, then Ghost in the Shell, Metropolis and finally The Magnificent Seven. Whole lot of movie watching, some of them are pretty good movies though.

Anyway, The Magnificent Seven is a remake of Akira Kurosawa's masterwork Seven Samurai as a western. They do a very good job of taking the story and a lot of things from the original and bringing them to the new style; it's very noticeably the same story. There are, however, a number of changes that have been made, probably for the slightly different setting and audience. The last time that I watched The Magnificent Seven I had not recently seen the original and didn't see the significance of the changes. Having seen the original in the past few months and watching the remake now shows me that the differences are really very significant and as such I can only say that The Magnificent Seven is pretty good compared. Please remember that I consider Seven Samurai to be one of the greatest movies ever made.