An odd chain of dreams


Last night was a long string of odd dreams. They were all strung together to make one big, even stranger, dream. I can only remember a few of the specific subdreams so that's what you'll get.

Making nails for MITOC. I was with a bunch of other people and we were all learning to make nails from found iron as a part of some MIT Outing Club activity. The process was fairly simple: find some pieces of soft iron and start hammering them together until they formed one big block. Then you hammer the block of iron until you get a big sheet which you cut the nails out of. I was having some really good luck because I found a few nice pieces of iron in the dirt where we were working. After a little while it turned out that a few of the pieces of iron that I found were actually plastic so I got rid of those and got back to work.

Somewhere along the way the cutting nails bit turned into me being a blacksmith in the early dark ages but since I'm a Materials Science major by day I knew all sorts of things about steel and metal that the rest of the blacksmiths did not know and I was teaching them all these things about smelting and alloying and annealing.

Then there were a few other sequences that I forget

Eventually there was another transition, but this time it went from blacksmithing to scuba diving in the Arctic. I don't remember much of the transition except that it involved looking at a diving mask and reading the instructions for changing masks in freezing water. So I'm up scuba diving with these two other guys and there are icebergs around. Then one of the other guys discovered this broken outboard motor floating in the water which I thought was really neat at the time. Then I discovered some ice throne carved into the side of one of the icebergs and decided that I needed to put the outboard motor on the throne.

Then, all of the sudden, I was a Ninja Turtle and I had retrieved some magic talisman from that iceberg, which gave me all of these special powers. I distinctly remember being in Shredder's palace or base or whatever and taunting him with all the special powers that I had and he was trying to trick me and get the talisman away. I remember a particular instant where he lunged at me and I dodged and he ended up in the koi pond. When he fell in the koi pond I realized that I wasn't actually a Ninja Turtle, just an actor in a suit playing a Ninja Turtle, so I used the carefully hidden stones in the koi pond to make it look like I was walking on water (talisman magic) and went out to make fun of him. Then he stole the talisman, and some other stuff happened.

When I went inside to get the talisman back, I stopped at a little newsstand and borrowed a pen to write something down in my notebook.

A few sequences later, I discovered that I was taking a break from tending to my fish tank. I then got back to working on my fish tank. There are a lot of small details that I remember about this part, but suffice it to say that it was a much larger tank than my real one and I was in the process of constructing a castle in one of the corners for my fish.