Bubba Ho-tep

Having recently watched the amazingly good Bubba Ho-tep, I feel that I ought to give it a little plug. After all, it's out on DVD and VHS and more than worth renting. It's one of those humor/horror movies that isn't scary but is really amusing. Also it has Bruce Campbell, of Army of Darkness fame, as Elvis.

In case you won't just take my word for the quality of this movie, I'll give you some more details to help convince you. Bubba Ho-tep is set at an old folks home in Texas somewhere near the present. The main characters are Elvis and JFK (who is, incidentally, black) as geriatrics. Now, throw a soul-eating mummy into the mix and you have one of the worst ideas for a movie ever. In an odd twist, a really bad movie idea becomes a really amusing movie; which might make sense if you consider how many really great movie ideas make for really poor movies. In short, Bubba Ho-tep is a movie that tried to combine the amusement value of mummies, Elvis, JFK, old people and the South and managed to pull it off.