Kill Bill v2

Saw Kill Bill v2 (v2 is in this case my preferred way of writing volume 2) tonight and I can say that I liked it. I don't know about the ending though, just don't know (won't say more; don't want to spoil it). They tossed in some interesting twists, more than you might expect. I would say that it's worth the $10 you have to pay to see it, but I'm not so sure if it's all worth the $20 it takes to see both halves (but maybe that's just me getting irritated at movie theaters for gouging the consumer). As an aside, I really think that someone ought to take up an antitrust thing against all of these damned movie theaters and the MPAA thing; $10 for a movie and then another $10 for popcorn and a soda: outrageous! (I didn't get popcorn and a soda tonight because it's too expensive)

And just to toss another opinion in, Budd and Pai Mei are both great characters. I especially liked Pai Mei's beard.