My Computers are Fixed (or abandoned)

As I have mentioned, there have been some problems with my computers of late and now they're as fixed as they're going to get; ozone-beast has had some serious problems and I had to scavenge its network card to fix thevoid (which is now fine). I have set up r-type to manage the domains, dns and serving of my www page and my blog, but haven't filled in anything for my www page. The end result of all this is that I am roughly back to where I started but my www page is dead and gone.

When I manage to get around to doing so, I'm going to make a new www page for myself and I think that I'll take a slightly more artistic approach to the matter, instead of a give superficial content about me style approach. I mean, heck, if you are going to have a superficial www page about yourself, why not make is stylistic. Now I just need to figure out what style I want and then get my artistic bits churning.