Ozone Beast is Dying

It appears to be the case that my beloved ozone-beast is dying. Ozone-beast hosts my www page and is my DNS server so it may be a little irritating to have it die. So far, my www page has been nuked and I don't have backups of it. The DNS is still running fine and I'm working on transferring it to a different machine.

The goal is pretty much to transfer all functionality that is being taken up by ozone-beast over to r-type (my blog machine) and then take ozone-beast offline. This is really pretty unfortunate, not only because I lost my www page but, more importantly, because I like ozone-beast; it's neat. Ozone-beast does make a lot of noise and spits out some ozone so this won't be all bad.

I really have two options to go with as far as my www page is concerned now: either I can abandon it and have just this blog as my web presence or I can make a new one. I'll have to think about this and see what I come up with.