So Impersonal

I went back and looked over some of my blog entries and I couldn't help but think that I'm rather impersonal in all of them. This got me to thinking about this whole blog thing and I don't really know which way I want to take things.

There have been a few entries in which I related things that weren't wholly impersonal and I remember feeling a little apprehensive after having posted them. My apprehension must stem from the same damned place that my aversion to saying anything about how I feel to anyone. I know that some part of it is a fierce desire to do absolutely everything on my own, which is, itself, a combination of a desire for independence and not wanting to impose on anyone else.

Methinks, from a cathartic and self-improving standpoint, that my desire not to continue and publish this entry is pretty indicative of why I really should finish it. Perhaps I should use that as my sort of divining rod of blog; the less I want to say something the better it is that I say it. Funny concept, that would be, listen to yourself and then do the opposite of whatever you decide. Funny, yet somehow logical when you know that your particular decisions on a matter are almost invariable the wrong ones.

Funny that all this should be sparked by seeing somebody else complaining about being lonely on their blog. Just got me thinking, what's the point in keeping a personal journal if I'm not going to say anything personal; it's not like the events of my life are interesting enough, on their own, to justify people reading about them.