Mozilla Taconarwhal

Mozilla Taconarwhal screenshot My good friend hippo recently made me aware of a little Mozilla Firefox extension known as Mozilla Firesomething. Firesomething rebrands your Mozilla Firefox as something else, either randomly constructed or user specified. Because I think that it's more amusing, I am using the randomly constructed option which lets you specify different component strings that is builds your brand out of. During my playing with Firesomthing I happened to find myself running Mozilla Taconarwhal and was immensely pleased (I am really quite partial to tacos and narwhals are totally sweet). Someday I expect that I will run into the legendary Tacosquid; but I'll leave that story another time.

Just as a little side plug, Mozilla Firefox is, in my opinion, the best browser out there and I highly recommend that you give it a try if you haven't before.