Starting to care

It's finally happened, I'm starting to give a damn about politics (guess it had to happen sometime). You might notice that I've added a few more blogs to my links on the left (that's where I turn for my body politic and I will probably add more as I start reading them). I try to get a decent spattering of different political points of view so as to be able to make my own opinions.

In case anyone cares, here's my take on various political issues right now: We're wasting tons of money on a war that we shouldn't be fighting. We're bullying the rest of the world. We're ignoring most of the problems that exist in our own country. We're returning capitalism to the hell that it was more than a century ago. Our education system is going down the tubes. The average American cares more about pop culture than his or her own well being. (Needless to say, these are all bad things in my opinion).

That should serve as decent reference for anyone that wants to know my views. Oh, and I don't like to associate myself with any party because I believe that giving a name to my belief system gives the name power at the expense of my actual beliefs (why can't democrats and republicans do what they believe in and not simply follow the party line?).


dude at least seperate the links of your friends blogs from the political blogs. Also your views are retarded.

I considered separating them but decided against it for continuity reasons; however, you will note, the blogs of people that I know are above the political ones. Besides, you already know about my friends' blogs so why do you care.

Oh, and your views are even more retarded.

Well at least I'm not fat and sassy!