The Outback at the end of the term

We (my friends and I) have this great tradition of going to The Outback Steakhouse at the end of every term and it's a nice tradition because the food is good and the company is better. I don't have very many more comments on the matter except in so far as to say that it never fails, in going to restaurants with a bunch of friends, that we always fail to have enough money to pay the bill and I have to chip in extra. This time I paid at least $10 more than I owed; what used to be a minor hassle has turned into something that really irritates me. Max had the bright idea of having someone play the role of bill dictator (sort of a Stalin for the dining group's Russia) and I am inclined to suspect that in so doing we would get the money together faster and I wouldn't have to shell out so much extra. Allow me to make the point that money is dirty and that it, alone, can cause me to become irritated with a group of my friends just points to its evil. My irritation passes quickly and this is mainly just a rant about how that pisses me off and I am going to look for ways of preventing it from happening in the future.

Irritation aside, man oh man, did I overeat. My insides are in a horrible state of feeling bad and spectacular all at the same time. I'm sure plenty other people understand what it's like to grossly overeat; that's what I did, but I'd do it all again if given the choice (and I will at the end of next term).