More Magic Cards than Todd


Shortly after they came into existence, I became a big fan of the collectible card game known as Magic: The Gathering. My fondness of the game lasted a number of years until the game took what I considered to be a turn towards mediocrity, at which point I stopped purchasing new cards and, having a sizable collection, took up a policy of reusing my existing cards to play with friends that had also once played (this was quite a few years ago, perhaps 1997 or 1998). I still keep up the fun of playing with friends every so often. I have had the lucky fortune of, so to speak, inheriting a large number of older cards from a good friend of mine who has just moved to Texas. I am much appreciative of the gift, which increases my card stock by 40%-50% and adds some nice rares to my collection. Now, having a rather incredible quantity of cards, I probably have enough to allow for quite a few people to play with simultaneously; myself and at least one other person intend to make a few decks using my now even more massive collection. In the end, hopefully this will serve to provide cards for the playing enjoyment of myself and my friends.