Videos, Cults, Girls and Islam

It's a real pity that dreams fade from memory as quickly as they do, for it often leads to the loss of some very interesting dreams. This is the case for a dream that I had last night; having since showered and made my way to an Internet connection, much is gone. I'll give you what I can.


I noticed a bit of rust on my bike and set out to find a shop where I could get the necessary materials to clear the rust and seal over the wound. While I was in the bike store I remembered that I had some old rental videos at my house that I needed to return, but I could not remember what video store I had rented them from. At this point, I realized that the bike store was, in fact, also a video store, specifically the one that I owed videos to. I became incredibly irritated with myself because I had come to this store and not brought the videos with me. I was chatting with the clerk about various things, he was a friendly, kind of large, guy and things were pretty cool. He did recognize me for the guy who owed a lot of overdue charges and I was a little unsettled because I didn't really care about returning the videos, but it didn't much matter. The clerk and I were still shooting the shit and I noticed that this wasn't so much a bike shop as a video rental store and a toy store all in one.

All of the sudden, the room got darker and all of the walls fell away to reveal that what had been the store was really just a front for a huge cathedral like building with the store as a little metal frame in the center. I didn't really know what was going on, except for that I seemed to have stumbled upon a strange Gothic cult, which the shop clerk seemed to be the leader of. It was a very large cult, and the cathedral seemed to have stadium seating around the central metal frame (kind of like a cube with metal edges and no sides). Some people started moving towards the cube, which contained myself and a few other people that had been in the store. Then, the cult-leader/clerk shouted out "Recess" and the lights went out, everything was pitch black.

In the pitch blackness I could feel people moving into the cube and starting to fill it up, like a rave almost, but no sound and no lights. I could feel people bumping into me and one person started to get rather close to me, so I exercised my personal space and put my arm between myself and the other person. The response I received was, "Fine, see if I do that again." The response came from a girl, I could tell by the voice and the physical form, and I suddenly knew that this girl was special and I absolutely had to get on her good side. The lights came back (recess must have been over), I could see this mystery girl in front of me and I knew that she was, not only special, but that I had always loved her, since long before I had ever met her, this woman was a divine being. I talked with her for a little while and I felt as though I had reached the Greek eudaimonia, true happiness. We then parted ways with the assumption that we would meet again at the next cult meeting the following week. I then proceeded outside, where I found my brother and we went to retrieve the car that I was borrowing from my mother.

My brother's appearance seems to have been a brief cameo as he was no longer there after I had retrieved the car and begun driving. I remember an interesting rotary that seemed to be on the sidewalk, but I know that I was allowed to use it with my car and then there's a bunch of stuff that I've forgotten, which is followed by my being chased by the police. The police chase led me into Concord, where I decided to duck into a massive Islamic library (still in my car). I was driving around in this gigantic library (must have had ceilings that went up 50 feet and there were about 10 feet between each book stack) and I found myself completely lost, which, for those that know me, is not a state I often find myself in. Eventually, I started to walk around, without my car and I happened on this room that was of unfathomable beauty. There was a person in this room, presumably a librarian or holy-person of some sort, whom I asked for help getting out of the library. Help was offered in the form of an offer to be let out somewhere in Europe to which I responded, "What?! I entered this library in Concord!" It then turned out that this library attendant could let me off in Concord as he was going by that way. It appears that there is only one giant Islamic library in the world and it can be entered from what appear to be all of the other Islamic library building in the world (I really can not stress how very big this place was and with all sorts of magical links and shortcuts). I noticed spectacular piece of cloth and asked the attendant what it was, only to receive the response that since I had touched it, it would have to be destroyed. I tried to argue against its destruction on the grounds that it was one of the most beautiful things to have every graced the universe, but the attendant steadfastly maintained that since I had touched it, it would have to be destroyed. Henceforth, I touched nothing and somewhere along the way to the exit, I woke up.


It seems as though in starting from the beginning and just writing as things went, I have remembered a lot of what I forgot. Keen.