Woods Hole with a new Bike

Haven't really got much to say, but I try not to go too long without posting something, so I'll just dump a few things from my brain to my blog.

I'm in Woods Hole (Southwest tip of Cape Cod, MA) for my job right now and I'm planning on being here for the majority of my summer, namely Monday through Friday of most weeks. I may decide to some weekends long and some short, at least with respect to my physical location, but that's something that will be worked out on a week-to-week basis at my discretion.

I am finding that Woods Hole is quieter, as a place, than either Concord or Cambridge. By quiet, I mean something kind of vague that should encompass quiet, calm, simple and a few other similar adjectives. All in all, it is very pleasant here, though I find myself missing the company of some of my better friends with whom I would be seeing or communicating were I in Concord or Cambridge. Then there are the friends that are gone from Massachusetts for the summer (or longer), whom I don't even get the chance to see on weekends. On the other hand, there are people here whom I have not seen in a long time, whom it is good to see again. It balances out and is, overall, rather pleasant.

Just this weekend, I purchased a new bicycle for myself. The last bike I owned was one that I got at some point either in or shortly before middle-school and haven't used in more than six years. Since my old bike was no longer large enough for me and I am now employed with a reasonable wage, I decided to finally buy myself a new bike, one that would last for a very long time and serve all of my biking needs. The bike that I chose to buy is a Cannondale Jekyll 600 in grey and black and I have so far been quite pleased with it. The bike has front and rear shocks, disk brakes and a bunch of other nice features. Having heard from my friend Riad that rear shocks serve to soak up a portion of the riding energy, I was hesitant to get rear shocks, but my particular brand of shock includes a lock-out feature that allows the shock to be disabled in the case that a long ride on flat terrain is expected. I'm totally psyched about my new bike, it's pretty much the bike that I've always wanted.

The weather was a little bit too damp (rainy) yesterday but, since today is a beautiful day and the sun is planning to be up for quite a while, I plan to go out and bike around for an hour or so after dinner tonight. Woods Hole, awesome bike, paying job, all in all, things are pretty good for me right now. Oh, and there's cable at my grandparents house so when I get home in the evening I can catch an hour or so of the History Channel or the Discovery Channel before I go to sleep.


from where did you obtain this bicycle?

I went to a bike shop in Bedford and bought it.