A day in the life...

Let me describe my average weekday. The day starts promptly at 8:00a with a press of the snooze button. This ritual is followed at 8:09a sharp with another press of the snooze button. At 8:18a my alarm is finally turned off and I proceed to sit on the side of my bed for 2-5 minutes before proceeding to the shower. I then shower, get dressed and bike to work, arriving around 9a.

Work tends to start with about 30-45 minutes being taken up by checking my email, reading a few comics and sometimes updating my blog (as now). Somewhere between 9:30a and 10:00a, I will actually get around to working proper. Working proper can best be described as PHP, PHP, MySQL and more PHP. I am getting to the point of being able to grok PHP. Work proper proceeds until 11:45a, at which point I go meet Jamie, Josh and occasionally others for lunch at Swope. Lunch often lasts for about an hour and I tend to be back to work by 12:45p. Returning to work sees me getting right back into the PHP and being quite productive for two or three hours. By three or four, my productivity starts to dwindle and I lose my laser-like focus. By five or six my focus is gone and I call it a day.

Come the end of the work day, things become a bit less predictable. The rest of the day is spent hanging out in Woods Hole, usually with Jamie, Dave and and a few other people. The only fairly certain bit after this point is that if it's a weekday-night, I will almost certainly be en route to home by 12:00a.

Huzzah for routines that work.