Hell is Dinosaurs in your Head

Yesterday was going pretty well up until I decided to go to sleep; good day at work, helped Dave G-L paint for a while, invited to dinner at the Galvin's, Cha-cha and swing at the MBL Club, a few beers with some of my chummers at the Kidd; all in all a pretty good day. So then, as I was saying, it all went downhill pretty darned fast thereafter. I got home around 12:30a and went promptly to sleep.


I woke up around 4a for no seemingly good reason, went back to sleep and then here is where the fun begins, and by that I mean exactly the opposite. Over the course of the next 4 hours (since 8a is when I like to get up for work) I went through veritable weeks of dream time, all of which were incredibly vivid and of a Jurassic Park kind of nature. The worst moments were those of being stalked through an office building by a number of malicious velociraptors, watching the slaughter of dozens of people around me, and the best moments were not a whole lot better. These were the sorts of dreams that one finds to be hard to distinguish from reality, like when you're worried about a test, take it in a dream and wake up relieved to have taken it only to later realize that it was just a dream. It was that sort of realism that leaves you unsure of things for a bit, except in that it was no test but, instead, large predatory reptiles out for my blood. I took up so much dream time and it was so vivid that, when I finally got out of bed in the morning, I was quite shaken and just a little jumpy.


Now, nearly two hours later, some of the horrors remain in my head and I am still a bit shaken and jumpy. I'm half expecting to hear screaming and then discover dinosaurs stalking around the MBL, where I work. This is, of course, not aided by being slightly out of it because of the sleep the horrors deprived me of in the first place.