The Tripyramids (South, Middle and North)

Taylor and I went up to New Hampshire and climbed the three Tripyramid peaks on Saturday. The Tripyramids are quite nice and the whole trip was very pleasant.

It being Tuesday (myself having been away from the Internet since Saturday) I have forgotten many of the small details, but I will give you the key points. We started hiking at 10:30a. The trail begins as a dirt road from the parking area and continues as such for at least a mile or so. We ended up taking the route up the southern peak first, which continued as a smaller dirt path for quite a while after diverging from the road. The dirt path was small and had a moderate grade which proceeded for quite some distance before beginning to get rocky. Shortly after the dirt path had transitioned into a rocky dirt path, it decided to drop the dirt altogether and became the southern slide. The southern slide was steep and consisted entirely of exposed rock, gravel and sand. Proceeding up the southern slide was a great deal of fun and we encountered a number of other hikers going down (as well as a number of hikers with dogs). The views from the slide itself are quite spectacular and one ends up pausing to turn around and look rather often. Some of the other hikers we encountered strongly encouraged us not to take the northern slide down as it was, reputedly, much worse than the southern; it was recommended that we take the Scaur Ridge Trail down. Eventually we made it past the southern slide and the trail leveled out once more. The moderately graded dirt path had started to become a little boring before the slide, but to see similar afterwards was a very pleasant respite. There were some decent views from the southern peak but we decided to proceed to the middle peak before stopping for lunch as a number of hikers whom we had passed made mention of the spectacular views from the middle peak. The middle peak was not far beyond the southern peak, perhaps another ten or fifteen minutes, and the views were, indeed, quite spectacular. We took lunch on the second peak, and I was reminded once more of how tasty a briny pickle is after losing plenty of salt to a sweaty hike. Also, insects are a real nuisance. The hike from the middle to north peak was rather fun. The Scaur Ridge Trail from the north peak was a moderate down, followed by a gradual down, which eventually spat us back out on the aforementioned Livermore Road and we reached the car at around 4:30 making for a 6 hour hike.

All in all, the hike was quite nice, the views were great and the southern slide was a heck of a lot of fun. Also, the customary trip to the Ashland, NH Burger King for dinner was not neglected.