To Hell With Popular Opinion

I had a mohawk for a while my freshman year and I rather enjoyed it. I found, in combination with my oilskin duster of the time, I was portraying an image of myself that I didn't much like, namely that of a hardcore punk. Eventually I moved on from the mohawk to adopt a more conservative personal appearance. Of late, I have had the desire to do the mohawk thing again and finally, I have. I just decided that if I want to have a mohawk, then I can have a mohawk and it absolutely does not matter what other people think of me because of it. Further, it has occurred to me that my desire not to be identified as a hardcore punk is more an issue of my intense desire towards conformity and fitting in, than an issue of my not identifying with the punk thing. I've been listening to a bunch of KMFDM, Pig, and Excessive Force lately, which I tend to do every so often, KMFDM having been my favorite band for quite some time. Despite that I have been a huge fan of industrial rock for quite some time, I have been unwilling to identify myself as such and preferred to identify with electronic and fringe electronic. Again, this is from a preference to identify with the eccentric electronic enthusiast and not with the angry industrial rock crowd.

These preferences in desire to identify with certain people and not others has been based on the reactions I expected would be evoked in other people more than they were based on any actual personal identification. I do identify with some of the various electronic crowds, including some that I hadn't wanted to identify with in the past (like ravers) and I also identify with the industrial rock punk crowd. The big difference is that I've decided to say to Hell with popular opinion and what other people think and I'm going to be and act how I want to and not worry about how other people perceive or identify me. I will just be me and everyone else can like it or not; I'm not going to hug the conservative line to avoid reactions or unwanted attention anymore.