Crummy Void Hard Drives

My main hard drive in thevoid died a few days ago. It's not a terribly bad thing because I didn't have any important data on it (that's kept on other drives), but it does mean that I'm out a 30GB hard drive and I have to reinstall my OS before I can use the computer again. Thankfully, I found an extra 20GB drive lying around in my room so I don't need to hunt a drive down before I can do anything. Basically it's just a pain in the neck and I have to wait for the weekend to do anything about it.

Being without a working computer in my room would be inconvenient if it weren't for Athena clusters on campus and balls-lounge in Senior House 433.

Osigwad is showing signs of trouble too, with occasional hard lock-ups and screen corruption. Also, my Xbox is being a fuck right now. All in all, my computer hardware is in the general mood of failure. Thankfully r-type is still working right now (otherwise you would not be reading this).