I need me some titles

I was thinking about titles earlier and how much I need more of them. The problem with getting official titles is that you need to earn them or you're just a hack when you try to use them. I've been thinking about various different titles that I want and what I would need to do in order to earn them. I figure chances are pretty good that I'll be getting a Ph.D. at some point, which will get me the title "Doctor". I figure that I'll have to find a way to get knighted, which will get me the title "Sir". I'm also going to have to become a preacher so that I can get the title "Reverend". Becoming a judge would get me a "The Honorable" as a prefix. If I can buy or marry myself into some sort of lordship, I can get the title "Lord" at the beginning and then some sort of fancy suffix like "Duke of someplace-or-other"; however I'm inclined to believe that Lord and Sir are mutually exclusive. Then, if I spent some time in one of the armed services, I could get my hands on something like "Commodore" or "Brigadier General". Certainly there are other nifty titles that would be great, but I think that I'm pretty far along the way to making my point.

The end result of all my work would be that I would officially be The Honorable Lord Reverend Doctor Brigadier General Waksman, Duke of someplace-or-other and that would just be flat out awesome. Oh, and think about the letterheads on my stationary.

I think that I've got my life set out for me now.


ir and Lord aren't mutually exclusive.

You could be Sir George Waksman, Lord Concord. The "of" is implied at the end.