R.I.P. Tickles

Today is a sad day for the world, Mr. Tickles has died. Mr. Tickles was a friendly fish, loved by all who made his acquaintance. To some he was just a fish, to others he was always bigger than the time before, but to me he was my dear friend Tickles.

Tickles, I will remember you fondly for all the amusing times we have had. I will remember how I would sit and watch you swim around. I will remember the time you bit Kurt. I will remember how you would eat guppies with such glee when you were given the opportunity. I will remember how you would watch me at my computer. I will remember how you would swim around so excitedly at feeding time. I will remember how you would change colors so subtly, confounding me until I realized that you could change colors. I will remember your ability to be constantly larger than you had been before. I will miss you Tickles.

Mr. Tickles was a Tiger Oscar Cichlid and died of a fungal infection this afternoon, Saturday, September 25th 2004, at about 1PM. Mr. Tickles died at the ripe age of 1 year old; he was 9 inches long at the time of his death, far more than the 3-4 inches of when we first met.


Goodbye Mr. Tickles. You will be missed.

Oh! Poor Tickles!

Oh no!!

Hmmm... I'm sorry to hear about Tickles.

At least he's where he can eat all the hams he wants.