I'm sorry Mr. Fox

Last night I ran over a fox and, being as I am, I am rather displeased about the matter. I was driving on a smallish road and saw a fox to the right. The fox started running forward to evade the car so I gave him a wide berth but then he darted across the street trying to get past me and just went right under the wheels. It was really a very unpleasant sensation to feel the fox crushed under the car's wheels and it's left me a little bit unhappy about the whole thing. Yes, I know that death happens and that plenty of foxes are killed by cars and all sorts of things like that but I still don't like to kill something.

Perhaps I should have just come to a full stop and waited for the fox to run away. Of course, it was a poor move on the fox's part to dash out in front of a car. Damnit, I'm really displeased by this shit.