Nonsense as a pastime

I've come up with a wonderful new pastime for when I to get bored in class or otherwise during the day, writing nonsense. It's a ton of fun to write and then it's kind of fun to read, although it lacks more than very short range coherence. Here is a short excerpt: soon coon moon toon buffoon interpretive dance romance chance clance manse rancid meat spontaneous generation swirl twirl curl divergence charge up a hill at the enemy who has entrenched in the superior position no matter we have more troops and your dog is expendable or perhaps your dog is expandable mandible click-clack giant ant flying into the mantis spongiform boast defeat in the realm of the manifest destiny collapse from sense to gibbering like four golf carts which we eat to cut down on excess protein put the spoon in your mouth...

Maybe I'll put more up later, but for now it serves to illustrate a point. Of course, feel free to call it crap, it very well may be, but I enjoy the act of writing it. It's mainly just word play and random word association mixed with a bit of stream of consciousness.


I really like the connection between "rancid meat" and "spontaneous generation." That is classic, and it implies at least a whit of learnin'.