The Royal Armada

We (Liz, my sailing partner, and I) were out racing Tech Dinghies with the rest of the sailing team during practice yesterday when we noticed that one of the other dinghies had taken on a third person and hoisted a Jolly Roger. Observing the behavior of the pirate flag bearing boat, it was obvious they were trying to capsize other boats. Now, Liz and I, being the sorts of people that find such antics amusing, decided to play the role of the Royal Armada (you know, the people charged with preventing piracy). In order to prevent piracy we set a course directly for the pirate vessel. Unfortunately, the pirates saw us bearing down on them and a brief battle ensued, the end result of which involved no capsizing and the pirate vessel fleeing the scene. Having scared off the pirates, we got back to the race. A short while later, another opportunity arose, in which the pirates were assaulting another vessel and did not see us coming. Getting right up next to the pirate vessel, Liz took control of our dinghy and I hopped on the pirate bow. Grabbing the pirate vessel's mast, I was able to drag their boat over. The pirates abandoned ship and began an assault on our vessel. As the pirates were capsizing our boat, I righted theirs. Liz succeeded in climbing over the top of our boat, remaining mostly dry as it capsized and turtled. Having righted the pirate vessel and taken control of it, I shouted to Liz, who hopped in. At this point, we sailed off in the pirate vessel and left the pirates swimming along side our, completely turtled, boat. by the time the pirates had gotten things working again, we had finished the race and were heading back to the dock.

If we were to score this based on people who went swimming, the final tally would be 3 points us, 1 point pirates. Oh man, we're awesome.