Zen and the Art of Falling Numbers

My cell phone has this wonderful little game called Falling Numbers that I play occasionally when bored. The basic concept is that digits fall from the top of the LCD and you have to push the corresponding button on the phone. If you push the correct button, the number goes away and you get some points. Fail to push the correct button and the number will fall to the bottom, where it will explode and you will lose a life or something. Push the wrong button and you lose a life. Lose two lives and its game over, input your score and you're done. Also, every so often you will complete a level and then the numbers will fall faster. Eventually you hit a level where the numbers are falling ridiculously fast.

Now that you understand what Falling Numbers is, let me explain where the Zen comes into things. When you start playing you kind of fumble around until you figure out where all the numbers are then you start fiddling with hand position and things like that until you find the optimal way to hold the phone and push the buttons. After you've got the logistics figured out, the mind game starts. When I first started to get the hang of things I was identifying the digits for the numbers they represent, then saying them in my head and, finally, pushing the corresponding button. It turns out to be very difficult to bypass this identification system and get to a style of just pushing the correct button as soon as you see the digit on the LCD. If you can not find a way to bypass this system of thinking, there is no way to manage the higher levels of the game. It is not easy to explain how I manage to bypass the thinking occasionally but I can tell you that it can increase my scores from ~15000 to over 20000 consistently. One of the things that seems to help is to focus on my breathing while I play (took this from Zen and the Art of Archery).

I'm pretty sure that the concept behind Zen is this sort of removal of the thinking stage from all aspects of life, and oh man that would be fucking awesome.