Flying in its Purest

I had a really neat dream last night, though what I remember is mostly from the period of time during which I was pressing snooze this morning. In short, it was a flying dream, but it's the details of how I was flying and the context that are most interesting. As a preface, I should note that I have been playing R-Type Final a whole lot lately and I'm quite certain that it had a heavy influence on my dreams; R-Type Final is a side-scrolling space shooter for the PS2 and one of the finest such games I have ever played.


Anyway, to the dream itself: I was some sort of flying craft with a great deal of maneuverability flying around in some city; It was some kind of a small jet fighter/spaceship thing. Now, when I say that I was this ship, I mean just that, I perceived things as a ship and could react as a ship; the best I can do to describe it is to use Shadowrun terms and say that it was exactly how I would expect vehicle rigging to feel; if that doesn't help, suffice it to say that I was the ship, not a pilot. I remember that it felt very odd at the beginning of the dream to be a ship and it took me a little while to get the hang of my engines and control systems; I did not appear to use lift and flight surfaces for control, it was more of a vectored thrust sort of thing but, even then, my engines were of a sort that is far beyond our current technology level. After I managed to get the hang of my new found motive capacities, senses and such, I had a splendid time flying around the city. There turned out to be a surprising number of other such ships and we just sort of played around in the city.


This was, hands down, one of the best dreams that I have ever had. I think, if I were given the choice between continuing life as I am or being the flying craft that I was last night, I would choose the flying craft at least 99 times in 100. It was such an incredible sensation to move myself around by whatever means I happened to be using and sensing the world with whatever means I was using to sense the world. I see three ways to proceed from here: take up lucid dreaming, develop the technology necessary for vehicle rigging or wait and get reincarnated as a flying thing like that in my dream.