Mosh Mosh Revolution

I just got back from the KMFDM concert and I am beat the fuck up. The concert was insanely awesome and I spent a whole fuck-ton of time in the mosh pit.

I'm too exhausted and generally sore to say too much so I'll just get out the main points without too much padding text:

  • KMFDM fucking rules!
  • My ears are ringing like a mother-fucker
  • I'm totally pumped
  • I need to go to more concerts with mosh pits
  • Lucia is really hot
  • Lucia is really fucking hot
  • Mosh pits Pwnz (own with a capital 'p')
  • I have finally seen KMFDM in concert
  • They met my expectations and a little more

Ok, I probably could have said that more concisely as: the concert ruled because the music was awesome, the mosh pit was fun and the female vocalist is really hot.

It was so great that my mind is goo and I'm just being redundant so I'll just give up and get some sleep.


Who is Lucia?

The female vocalist for KMFDM; she used to be in the band Drill.