Rolling Like Mad!

It's nuts; I have been rolling like a fucking fiend lately. No, I don't mean that I've been doing MDMA, I mean that I've been playing Katamari Damacy a lot. Katamari Damacy is a really awesome game that recently came out for the PS2 and involves lots of rolling.

To explain Katamari Damacy properly I need to start by explaining the premise: the King of All Cosmos got colossally fucked up (drugs, alcohol, simply being crazy, who knows) and accidentally broke all the stars in the sky (and the moon). You, the Prince of All Cosmos, being his son, are tasked with replacing the missing stars. The King of All Cosmos is a very abusive father figure, always insulting you and being mean and disinterested, though if you do an exceptionally good job in rebuilding a star he will actually compliment you highly (not easy to do). Anyway, so that's the premise, rebuild the stars. Also, the game is really Japanese and seems like a solid adventure through colors and oddity. Oh, and there's an ongoing storyline that involves this family somehow (it doesn't make sense).

Ok, premise aside, let's talk about the gameplay. You have this ball (called a Katamari) and you roll it over stuff. When you roll your Katamari over things, the smaller stuff (relative to your Katamari) gets stuck and your Katamari gets bigger. The bigger your Katamari, the bigger the stuff you can glom onto it. The result of the glomming and the growth is more glomming and more growth (exponential, approximately). You might start by rolling up thumbtacks and end by rolling up mountains and islands. Some things are funny to roll up (for instance, people). Anyway, the gameplay is insanely awesome, also awesomely insane.

I give Katamari Damacy my full endorsement as one of the best video games that I've played in a while. If you have access to a PS2, you are doing yourself a grave disservice not to be playing Katamari Damacy.