Hello Concord, long time, no see

I'm back home in Concord for Xmas break and it's looking like things are going to shape up to be both boring and entertaining. I've already gotten in contact with a few people that I haven't seen in quite a while (Pat Steele, Michael Caroll, Geoff Williams) and will probably spend some time hanging out with them during my stay in Concord. Also, within in the past few weeks I remade contact with Ellen Webber and have hung out with her a few times and may very well try to do so more in the future. Also Janet Ryu's family now lives in Carlisle so I'll probably spend some time doing stuff with her too. And, of course, there's always Max. Basically, there are a moderate handful of people to hang out with in the Concord area and I intend to exploit this fact as best as I can while I'm home. I may even try to look up some other people too.

Of course, hanging out with other people is all fine and dandy if they're around however, unfortunately, most of the people that I just mentioned are busy this week or not in Concord yet. This leaves me with my good old friend, the internet, which gets pretty boring pretty quickly. Anyway, if any other Concord people are around and read this, look me up.