Naked Lunch

I just watched a very odd movie that goes by the name Naked Lunch with some folks in 433. It was a rather Fear and Loathingesque movie. It was fucked up, awesome and I would be inclined to give it a rather emphatic +.


Yeah, Naked Lunch is pretty cool. Amrys would tell you not to bother with the book, which is completely different from the movie. I'm not so sure it's a complete waste of time.

See also: Videodrome.

Naked Lunch is an excellent film, and its inspiration is an excellent/repellent/compelling cipher of a book, although they are sometimes only tangentially related. A lot of the plot comes directly out of William S. Burroughs life. In any case, I second Riad's recommendation of checking out Videodrome, or checking it out again if you have before. It's another great movie by Cronenberg, and it's the better, rawer, more '80s execution of the idea behind ExIst#Rdfaklerneznelenz, if you've seen it.

I have seen Videodrome; it is quite good. If you will both recall, Videodrome was a ClamPunt movie that one time.