Running at 6SPM

So there's this wonderful thing called the Saltine Challenge. The challenge is simple but different people seem to have different versions of it but certain aspects are universal. The basic premise is to eat as many Saltines as possible in 60 seconds. Some people say that 6 crackers is impossible, others say 8 is impossible and some just try to eat as many as they can; I fall into the last category. Important to the challenge is that you are not allowed to have any other food or drinks within the span of the challenge. Also, only crackers that have been fully swallowed count; if you try to put 8 in at once but don't finish swallowing, you get 0; if you're on your 5th cracker when time runs out, only 4 count.

Back in the day, some friends and I got together at Quuxfield (Riad, Amrys and Rodin's apartment at the time) and amongst other things undertook the challenge. Back then, Riad managed to get 6 down in a minute, I was able to get 5 and I think that hippo managed 4.

Anyway, I was eating some Saltines (Nabisco Premium to be specific) and I decided to give the challenge another go. This time I managed to get down 6 crackers in one minute, thus pulling in a rate of 6 saltines per minute (6SPM).

How many can you manage?