Myers-Briggs Typology

The friends have been doing up the Jung - Myers-Briggs typology test so I gave it a spin (go take the test; blog about it or something). It's a fun and interesting little thing and it's a better put together than most internet personality quizzes (certainly more informative than something that tells you which Britney Spears song you are).

I turn out to be ENTP, or Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving. This type is sometimes referred to as the Inventor style. Descriptions of the ENTP type can be found care of D. Keirsey or M. M. Heiss and J. Butt; personally I think they've got me pinned to a "t" (or nailed to a cross if you want some tasteless humor).

I took this test once a few years ago and last time I scored as INTJ. I agreed with that scoring then and I still agree that it is representative of who I was a few years ago. Back then, I sure as hell wouldn't have seen myself becoming an extrovert or becoming less judgmental.


whenever i take the test i'm either INTJ or INTP. i'll get each result about 50% of the time. i guess it's a pretty accurate description of me, or something.