Report from VA

I figured that it was about time to send out a progress report from the grand state of Virginia. I've been here chilling with Sherv and having a grand old time since I got here Sunday evening. We've mainly just been chilling and not doing anything terribly extravagant.

Virginia is a pretty nice place, at least the Virginia Beach region. I've been noticing some big differences between this part of the country and Massachusetts, but many of them are rather subtle and I don't particularly feel like going into a grand old compare and contrast thing. Suffice it to say that it's quite nice and gives me the feeling of really taking a vacation and getting away, which is a feeling that I don't often get.

Tomorrow I hit the road again for Key West. It's going to be a longer drive so I expect to get through the alphabet a few more times. I was playing the alphabet game on my way down here and I made it through the alphabet a full 22 times and will pick up again looking for my 23rd "J" when I get back out there. The driving is quite nice and I was only getting a little tired come around hour 8 or 9. It's 20 hours to Key West from here so we'll see about that and I expect the 30 back will be something.

Well, plenty more fun ahead, back to chillaxing in Virginia with Sherv.


Virgini! So close to Murriland, my Murriland. Aren't trees and rolling hills awesome?