The Greatness of the Melting Pot

I am an American, from my mongrel blood to my world views (I'm talking ideal American, not the modern political majority). Being American puts me in the unique position of being able to enjoy the benefits of the so-called melting pot that is my country. The melting pot involves the mixing and exchange of various bits of various cultures; one such bit is fusion foods, foods that borrow from different cultures. Right now I am eating fried kielbasa (Polish) and sipping good scotch whisky (Scottish). The scotch and kielbasa combination isn't terribly multicultural but it reminds me of my favorite food, kielbasa fried rice. Kielbasa fried rice is a wonderful Polish/Asian fusion food. I was too lazy too make kielbasa fried rice but that doesn't change my love of fusion foods.


Since when is being a crypto-Fascist ideally American?

Crypto-fascist? What the Hell are you talking about? I hardly ever encrypt anything unless someone else makes me.

Eh, good point.

You did, however, use the word Anarcho-Fascist to describe yourself at one point. Ignoring the internal contradictions, I still don't think that counts as American. Also, you never told me what that means.

It means that I was being angsty and stupid about my political outlook. I'm over the angsty bit, now I'm just stupid about my political outlook.

Being a crypto-fascist is fun because no one can tell. Then you run some RSA-crackin' stuff and all of a sudden you are saluting a bunch and hanging Bizarro Mussolini.