The return home

I finished the return trip to Massachusetts today and am writing this from my room in Concord. Total trip mileage was 3553 (keen, it's symmetrical). I'll probably get myself back into the city tomorrow, though it might take more than one day.

Today was an interesting one. I started at a rest area in Virginia where I ignored the two hour parking limit and got eight hours of sleep. Between there and New Jersey, things were pretty uneventful. However, an interesting thing happened when I stopped for lunch and gas in New Jersey, I picked up a hitch-hiker heading for New York. Mind you, this was no normal hitch-hiker, this was Ludovic Hubler (you'll want to click the British flag if you can't read French)(also, it's kind of flaky in some browsers). I'm sure you're asking who is Ludovic Hubler and why should I care? He's this French guy who is hitch-hiking around the world, trying not to spend any money at all on travel expenses. He started in France, hitch-hiked across the Sahara, across the Atlantic, to Antarctica, up to the US and I gave him a ride from the middle of Jersey to New York.

That's my exciting news of the day; I picked up a hitch-hiker. The first time I ever pick up a hitch-hiker and I get the hitch-hiker to end all hitch-hikers.


That is the coolest thing ever. I am glad he did not murder you and fuck your corpse.

ludovic hubler is a good friend of mine, and you were lucky to meet him! not to say you are not a great person as well ;-). he is out to do something quite amazing and is one of THE most amazing people i know. thanks for picking him up and giving him a ride.