Domesticity and the Kin of the King of the Grains

Having a kitchen lets me cook things and being able to cook things lets me be all domestic and stuff. Yesterday, I baked a cake from scratch; it was a bunch of fun and I've had cake to eat for the past day. Now I need to figure out other fun stuff to cook and eat.

Speaking of cooking things, I have had a real hankering for wild rice of late. In order to satiate myself, I obtained wild rice and am cooking some right now. For those that don't know, wild rice is a distant relative of traditional rice and is native to the Great Lakes region of North America. Rice is, of course, the King of the Grains.

Wild rice is great and now I have some; also, cake.


Dude, George, do you remember the 50-lb. sacks of rice you had your freshman year? That was awesome. Especially when we just left them on Clam full of bugs at the end of the year.

Man... the days of excessive consumption of everything. I haven't had an Amp in forever, nor have I eaten ramen from a champagne flute recently.

...or even played SSX.


Sigh... The good old days.

Ah yes, we had some good times, good times. And sometimes I do wonder what became of all that left over rice.