Conspiracies and Magic abound

I have just finished reading The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson and have enjoyed every moment of it (a surprising detail considering my reading habits and its 805 page size). Many thanks are in order for my good friend Rob Malchow who recommended the book to me this past summer.

The book is a present day (as of the writing 30 years ago) science fiction about interwoven conspiracies, politics, mysteries, mysticism and occultism. The tone ranges from thoroughly lucid to completely absurd and jumps around too fast, too slow and at the right pace all at once. You will think that you know what's going on when you do not and vice versa. The references, real and fake, will amuse you to no end. In the end, you won't know what's real anymore and you'll have a greater appreciation for the word "No".

Hail Eris
All hail Discordia

And remember, you are a Pope