Having returned, exhaustion sets in

Our camping trip ended up being two days long instead of three and while parts of me are disappointed, other parts are sore and glad to have woken up in a real bed. All in all, it doesn't really matter too much to me whether we went for one night or two, it just matters that we went; I was glad to have some time roughing it and hanging out with some good friends.

The trip went pretty much like this: We left Sunday morning at around 8:30a from MIT's Random Hall. Taking I-93N to Ashland where we got onto US-3, which took us to NH-113, which in turn led to NH-113A, which led to Whiteface Intervale Road, off of which we found trailhead parking. Incidentally, the frost heaves on NH-113A are atrocious (go too fast and you will likely kill your car). From trailhead, we took Flat Mountain Pond Trail up and into the Sandwich Range Wilderness. Hiking in was moderate at first with a packed trail but as the trail split, with one fork heading to Mount Whiteface and the other heading to Flat Mountain Pond, we were left with untouched snow. Snowshoeing on the unpacked snow is not bad at all but the trail started to gain in inclination and was moderately steep for a long while. At the end of day one, we were exhausted and camped a few hundred feet from the trail, near the northeastern shore of Flat Mountain Pond. After a night that got colder each of the three times I woke up, I found myself to be the first one awake after sunrise. Being the first one awake, I decided to go about making a fire, which was fun and I managed with one match. Smalltime was the second person awake and he helped me gather some firewood. Eventually, everyone woke up, we gathered our stuff and set out. We were planning to continue along the Flat Mountain Pond Trail until what point as we felt like stopping, camp and finish the next day but we ended up making it all the way back down on the second day. Making it down, we hopped in our vehicles and headed back, stopping at the Burger King in Ashland, NH as is traditional for these trips (and anytime I do any hiking in northern New Hampshire). Such was how the third annual spring break camping trip went.

Now for the rest of spring break, I will spend a few days at home and then some time working on my thesis.