CalTech doesn't know that we don't care

It appears to be the case that CalTech is taking up a pranking war against MIT. This reminds me of the various college rivalries that I am aware of: CalTech has a rivalry with MIT, MIT has a rivalry with Harvard, Harvard has a rivalry with Yale and Yale has a rivalry with Harvard. Save for the Harvard/Yale rivalry, these rivalries are one sided and the target generally doesn't care about the instigator. As far as I know, Harvard thinks they're better than MIT and doesn't care enough to bother with us and the same is true for us and CalTech.

I'm speaking largely from my own experience and it may very well be the case that CalTech may be able to inspire some MIT students to react and the rivalry may become two sided. Personally, I find it rather childish but I am still mildly curious to see what will happen with this whole affair.


Wellesley has something similar with Smith, but it mostly amounts to us saying we're better than Smith a whole lot. I think we tried to start a rivalry with them once but, really, what's the point? It's Smith for fuck's sake. Who cares?