Do it and it will get done

I've been stressing out about my thesis lately, namely insofar as it not getting finished and that I've been blowing off time that I should have spent working on it but it turns out that it's not hard to write when I actually do so. I've spent the past 3.5 hours hunkered down in my room and I've churned out 7 pages of pretty decent stuff. If I can get myself to do this in the future, everything will get finished mighty fast and I can get back to slacking without stress.

The next thing that I really need to do is add some equations and diagrams to help make sense of some of what I've written. I also need to go do some research to get some references and a whole bunch of background material.

As great as procrastinating is, now is just not the time for it anymore.


Dude, do what I did. Write 12 hours a day every day until you're done. The other 12 hours each day should be a combination of partying heartily and sleeping.

If your typesetting isn't as hot as mine, I'll never stop making fun of you.


Typesetting is for the weak.

Actually, no, but since I'm one of those losers that doesn't know a typesetting system like LaTeX, I'm just going to go with the approach that will earn me no leet points with anyone, Word.

That said, I'm pulling no punches with my use of Word so it won't look like complete crap even though the software I'm using isn't that great.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am a failure of a geek.

Hold it, hold it. You losers actually have thesis-writing software? Can't you frigging tech people just write without it having to be fancy? Good Lord, you would not last one day at a liberal arts school. Sheesh.

Write it in Emacs. a2ps will save you.

LaTeX isn't exactly thesis writing software...

It's a typesetting system that works damn well for writing science-related topics. Have you ever tried inserting equations into Word? *shudder* Things like LaTeX can be a pain, because you don't get to see what you're typing, but once you get the hang of it, it's really convenient.