Meal fit for Kings (or not)

I have reached a new culinary extreme (new low or new high) with my dinner tonight. Tonight's meal is a can of refried beans (heated) with shredded cheese and a Barq's root beer. One might think it easy to call this a lowly meal but it took me 3 minutes to make, cost less than $2, gave me my RDA of fiber, gave me about 30g of protein and tasted pretty decent.

Ok, I guess a can of refried beans is not a culinary anything, it's more of a hobo food. However, on my continued bachelor chow search, it's a pretty decent component option.


Sometimes you scare me.

Dude, I thought we covered this a long time ago.

1) Open can of tuna. 2) Drain water. 3) Pour in Balsamic vinegar. 4) Enjoy.

If you need something for "on the go," you can always put the above in a blender with a bit of ice. Tuna smoothies are definitely bachelor chow.


On dill pickle spears:

  • One pickle = garnish
  • Five pickles = snack
  • Jar of pickles = meal

Nothing against refried beans, but at least pickles you don't need to cook at all.

Except that pickles are often considered to have negative caloric value.