Debian and R-Type form...

With their powers combined, Debian and R-type form my new server setup. Since I was getting pretty sick of using VNC to connect to r-type when I needed to change or fix something, I decided to get Linux up and running on it instead of Windows 2k. Having gone through the process, r-type is now running Debian, which gives me the wonderful powers of SSH and apt-get. SSH is the part that I really care about because I can now futz with things from my sidekick, any Linux machine and any Windows machine that I can put PuTTY on.

As a side advantage, I've managed to get SSL working so now I can deal with administering my blog and phpmyadmin over a secure connection.


Do you run email on r-type? You should consider horde2 and imp; they're bad-ass.

Check my blog for details on how I installed it.


I do now and I might consider a webmail interface at some time in the future. As for right now, I haven't started using gwax for mail and I'll probably want to wait until I get a backup mailserver.