I ate its heart with melted butter

At home a while back I was talked into eating an artichoke and I actually happened to like the thing. Since then I hadn't eaten another but, as the result of a good spring salad I had two days ago, I decided to eat some plant matter today and while I was at the grocery store getting such necessities as Oreos, milk, cereal (Cracklin' Oat Bran, oh yeah!), and such, one such item turned out to be an artichoke. I cooked the thing as was prescribed by the Joy of Cooking and ate it with some melted butter. So yeah, artichokes are good, even in the opinion of a primarily carnivorous person such as myself. Now for chips and dip.


the joy of cooking rocks

Chips and dip made of babies, you carnivore...

JOY is only the best cookbook.